Man stabs partner’s brother after fighting over gas cylinder

Man stabs partner's brother after fighting over gas cylinder

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The Santa Luzia Police are looking for a man, identified by JJ, 38, who tried to stab his partner’s brother with a knife in the back, on Monday night (27), at Rua Orquídea, 148, in Baronesa neighborhood, in Santa Luzia, after a fight over the price of a gas cylinder. The victim, SCGF, 32, was rescued at the UPA in Bairro São Benedito and was released after being medicated. According to doctors, the cut was superficial.

The location of the incident is a set of sheds that belongs to the father of JJ’s partner. A few months ago, I introduced him to his father, who is the owner of the shacks, as his new companion and he gave him one of the shacks.

Life went smoothly, until this Monday night, when JJ decided to charge the money for a gas cylinder that he would have paid for the father of lifemate.

According to Lieutenant Nilmar Moreira, who attended the incident, there was a small discussion between the two and their son, the brother of JJ’s companion entered the discussion, taking his father’s pains.

The discussion got ugly the moment JJ ​​ran his hand over a kitchen knife and struck the SCGF and then fled. The victim was rescued and is already at home. The case is treated as an attempt to murder by the Santa Luzia Police Station, whose detectives work together with the Military Police.


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