Mark Wahlberg: Always the old man

Mark Wahlberg: Always the old man

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Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is happy to always play the old guy in his films.

The 49-year-old signed for the lead role in ‘Uncharted’ a decade ago, but then the film wasn’t made. Now he should still come to the big screen, however Wahlberg will no longer be seen in the leading role, but as his father Victor Sullivan. The main role of Nathan Drake is now played by 24-year-old Tom Holland. But that’s perfectly fine for Wahlberg, because he is not at all enthusiastic about his fellow actors, who try to hold on to their youth.

“I was tied to a movie called ‘Uncharted’ based on the video game for a decade and I was supposed to play Nathan Drake. But it took me so long to play the old guy. Yes. Tom Holland is Nathan Drake “the star now told ‘Men’s Health’. The role change doesn’t bother him at all. “There are certain people who try to hold on to the youth and you have these kind of weird films in which older boys are paired with younger actresses. We all know how unfair it is. I am now more ambitious than ever and also feel more comfortable in my own skin. ”


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