Martin Carpentier’s wife sends him a message (VIDEO)

Martin Carpentier's wife sends him a message (VIDEO)

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Nearly 40 hours have passed since the disappearance of the Carpentiers, which triggered a Amber alert in Quebec, and relatives are still without news. Here is the spouse of Martin Carpentier delivering a video testimony on social networks.

The Sûreté du Québec shared the video of Cathy Gingras so that her spouse gives a sign of life and to encourage people to remain vigilant.

“Martin, we are worried. We haven’t heard from you since the accident. We wonder if you’re correct, girls Romy and Norah, we want to know if they’re okay. If you are fine, ”says Ms. Gingras.

“The important thing is that you guys are fine, the rest, we don’t care about the rest, we just want to know that you are correct,” she adds.

According to what the SQ spokesperson, Louis-Philippe Bibeau, confirmed to Narcity, new elements of investigation led the police force to move its command post and its personnel in the vicinity of rue Veilleux, in Saint-Apollinaire.

Without being able to quantify the number of information received since yesterday from the citizens, Sergeant Bibeau affirms that some of them lead to believe that “the wanted persons could have been in the sector, from where the displacement of the command post “

As for the late triggering of the Amber alert, Mr. Bibeau says that “certain criteria” must be met and that there were still pieces missing from the puzzle during the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

Although not publicized, research was already underway long before the Amber alert, he confirms.

Remember that the young Norah, 11, Romy, 6, and their father, Martin Carpentier, 44, disappeared after their vehicle swerved on Wednesday evening.


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