Medicated compass for F-16 pilots

Medicated compass for F-16 pilots

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Medicated compass for F-16 pilots

Days before the July 15 treacherous coup attempt’s 4th anniversary, one more FETÖ’s caliper that could not come to mind was revealed. The confessing FETO members explained that they were expanding their heart vessels by giving blood pressure medication to non-organization pilots, thus giving a ‘no fly’ report.

FETULLAHÇI The dark face of the Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) explained the confessors who had worked in the private units of the organization for many years. Confessions of those who took part in the private organization of the organization as Gulhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) and military court officials revealed that the organization had made plans to seize the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).


According to the confession statements, the members of the FETÖ, the Military High Administrative Court (AYİM) and the Military Court of Appeals, which were influential in the civilian judiciary, especially after the Constitutional amendment in 2010, did not leave blank. Thanks to their organization in GATA, they dismissed their military students from the school with fake reports thanks to their organization in GATA.


A number of methods were followed to cut the candidates from military schools and to prevent the active duties of the pilots on duty. Although there are no diseases in this context, these patients were diagnosed with ‘mitral valve insufficiency’, ‘high blood pressure’, ‘aortic vessel dilation’ and similar diagnoses. The members of the organization wrote blood pressure medications, which have the feature of widening their heart vessels in the future, by diagnosing ‘high blood pressure’ to the people they want to remove from the pilot position, even though there is no health problem.


Although the pilots who used these drugs until the next control did not actually experience any health problems, the vessels were expanded due to the drug. Thus, the way to give these pilots a cardiologically ‘can’t fly’ report was opened. While those who are not members of the organization are eliminated with these methods, the people who have the discomfort that would prevent them from entering military schools and who are close to the organization were issued with a ‘sound’ report and these people were allowed to enter the Turkish Armed Forces.


FETÖ members who organized students in schools with fake reports and organized in GATA, took the majority in the process in AYİM, who is facing cases to be opened for the cancellation of these transactions. Thus, the organization has also stopped the way to open a cancellation lawsuit in AYİM, which the students thrown with false GATA reports, will use to return to school.


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