memories of his youthful “bullshit” unveiled

memories of his youthful



Véronique Sanson, who pays tribute to her sister in a duet with Grand Corps Malade, makes revelations about her tumultuous past in an interview with the Sunday Journal of July 19.

Véronique Sanson wanted by Interpol: memories of her youthful “bullshit” unveiled

In a few weeks, on September 11, Grand Corps Malade will release his new album, Ladies, in which he collaborates with a dozen female artists, including Véronique Sanson. The 40-year-old slammer and the 71-year-old singer pay tribute to their respective sisters in a moving duet entitled A sister. On this occasion, both gave an interview to the Sunday newspaper. And in this interview published on July 19, the interpreter ofIn love and My reverence reveals his turbulent youth and his relationship with his older sister Violaine.

“She has her head on her shoulders when my head has long since disappeared”

“Everything you tell in A sister, I lived with Vio”, said Véronique Sanson to Grand Corps Malade. “We also shared the same room, we too invented games in imaginary settings. I love this sentence: ‘When she had love stories, I was dumb, I was deaf.’ With Violaine, we also knew how to keep the secret “, remembers the singer.

“Yet we are radically different. She has her head on her shoulders while my own head has long since disappeared”, pursues the star who went through many hardships as his violent passion with rocker Stephen Stills, his alcohol addiction and her throat cancer. “When I was born, my father told Violaine that his role would be to protect me. He was not wrong …”, she continues, before letting go: “Kid, I was bullshitting all the time. I was running away to the point that I was wanted by Interpol.”

Fortunately for Véronique Sanson, her sister Violaine “always been there, like a guardian angel”. She also sang her praises in 2004 in 5th Floor, she points out, quoting the lyrics “My misfortunes, you take them as treasures”.

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