Merkel negotiates an additional 1.3 billion euros for Germany

Merkel negotiates an additional 1.3 billion euros for Germany

Eastern Germany in particular is expected to benefit from the money between 2021 and 2027. In addition, the standard of living in rural regions is to be improved.

© Photo: John Thys / AFP Pool / AP / dpa
Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) shows before a round table meeting at the EU summit.

At the EU financial summit Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) Germany was able to secure a total of 1.3 billion euros in additional funds. As can be seen from the final document of the meeting, Germany is to receive an additional 650 million euros for east German regions from the next seven-year financial framework in order to “promote competitiveness, growth and job creation”. A further EUR 650 million is earmarked for rural development.

After the summit, Merkel said that she was “very happy (…) that we could still do a lot for the new federal states”. The additional funds had been earmarked for the first time in a compromise proposal by EU Council President Charles Michel on Monday evening. But there were still 500 million euros each. In the final negotiations at night, the amounts were increased by another EUR 150 million each.

An unprecedented financial package totaling EUR 1.8 billion had been negotiated at the summit since Friday. In addition to the 750 billion euro construction fund against the economic consequences of the corona crisis, the next EU financial framework from 2021 to 2027 was involved. The seven-year budget, from which programs for farmers, regions, companies or researchers are financed, is expected to total 1,074.3 billion euros. (AFP)

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