Mexico exceeds 44,000 deaths from Covid-19

Mexico exceeds 44,000 deaths from Covid-19

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The deaths confirmed by Covid-19 in Mexico reached 44,022 this Monday; however, the Ministry of Health (Ssa) estimates that there have already been 45,917.

The agency also reported that the accumulated confirmed cases amount to 395,489, while the estimated cases total 435,862.

The active epidemic is estimated at 47,655, which represents 11% of the total number of people who have become ill with Covid-19, José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology at the Ssa, said at a press conference at the National Palace.

With data from epidemiological week 29 compared to week 28 (the country is in week 31), the official highlighted that there is a downward trend of 7%.

“We will see how it behaves over the course of this week,” he said, noting that the downward trend has been going on for two weeks.

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Likewise, it indicated that there is an increase of 14% in recovered cases, while the trend of deaths is -53%.

Nationwide, hospital occupancy for respiratory diseases is 47%, or 14,123 general beds occupied, with an availability of 16,076.

The entities with the highest hospital occupancy are Nuevo León, with 79%; Tabasco, with 78%; Coahuila, with 69%; Veracruz, with 67%, and Puebla and Colima, both with 65%.

“As we can see, there are only two states that are above the security level of 70% occupancy,” said Alomia.

Meanwhile, the occupation of beds with a fan is 38%, or 3,808, leaving an availability of 6,128.

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