Missing after falling into a waterfall

Missing after falling into a waterfall

St. Gallen police have been looking for two missing people in Henau since Sunday. According to initial reports, they were carried away by the Thur river while trying to cross it.

There is no hope of finding two people who have disappeared in a Thur waterfall near Henau (SG) alive. The bodies are probably trapped at the bottom of the water.

A hundred members of the emergency services have tried since Sunday evening to find the two disappeared, a member of the cantonal police aged 30 and a Swiss 26-year-old. The bodies are most likely trapped between rocks under the 4m high fall, the St. Gallen cantonal police said on Monday.

At the place where the bodies could be, the water pressure is 40 tonnes. Rescuers were unable to access it, police said.

Dam the river

Currently, the emergency services are trying to stem the river with concrete and stone blocks to try to access the bodies. The operation could take several days.

The two disappeared bathed in the Thur near a bridge on Sunday evening. Other people accompanied them. According to the first results of the investigation, three people attempted to cross the river upstream from the falls. The woman and the man were swept away and fell into the waterfall.


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