Moro denies interference in Federal Police investigations of hackers

Moro denies interference in Federal Police investigations of hackers

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In a deposition this Wednesday afternoon (8/7) to the Federal Justice, former Minister of Justice and Public Security Sergio Moro denied that he interfered with investigations into hackers who broke into authorities’ cell phones, including prosecutors from the Lava task force. -Jato and the former federal judge himself, who worked in Curitiba during the anti-corruption operation.

The process related to Operation Spoofing. The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) denounced seven people at the beginning of the year, and the Justice accepted six complaints. Moro said he believes that who informed him about the progress of the investigations was the then general director of the Federal Police, Maurício Valeixo. He was not directly involved in the investigations, according to the former minister, which was in charge of the delegate in charge.

“Evidently, when my phone was attacked, I communicated to the director general of the Federal Police, who carried out the necessary movement,” he said. Moro explained that he informed the former general director as it was a national security issue, since his phone, as a minister, was hacked, in addition to an attempted invasion on President Jair Bolsonaro’s own handset.

Asked if the attitude of looking for the PF director about the investigations constituted interference with the PF, Moro said that “of course not”, explaining that there was a worrying situation in which hackers tried to obtain state information. He cited attempts to attack cell phones of Congresswoman Joice Hasselmann (PSL-SP) and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes.

“It was within the responsibility of the Minister of Justice to take the necessary steps to stop these attacks. To be informed of the investigations is a natural step, but I never directed these investigations, so much so that I did not know specific details and I would never conduct or give determinations to the delegate to act in one way or another in these investigations ”, he said.


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