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“With this interview I will take off the red hat with the inscription forever Make America Great Again“. Kanye West will be serious when, speaking with the magazine Forbes, do you explain the outline of your self-nomination to the White House in the November elections? Longtime friend of Donald Trump, his confidant with great scandal of the African-American community until a few weeks ago, the billionaire rapper who became one of the richest industrialists in the profitable market of fashionable sneakers reveals that his “third party” in the race to the White House it will be called the Birthday Party, with a play of words from creeps (or tears, it is not known if more for laughter or tears) between “party” and “party”. In short, after the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, here is also thanks to West the Birthday Party. “If there hadn’t been Trump I would have run as a Republican candidate, but Trump is there and then I run as an independent. This does not mean that I am like Trump, Trump is only part of what I would do. And Joe Biden? , Obama is special, Trump is special, we say that Kanye West is special. America needs special people to lead it. Bill Clinton? It is special. Joe Biden is not special. “

West often repeats during the interview that he took 30 days of reflection to formalize his candidacy. In the meantime, however, he has already circulated many details of his race to the White House, starting with the tweet posted on Independence Day in which he wrote: “Now we must fulfill America’s promise by trusting God, unifying our vision and building the our future. I am running for President of the United States. ” To support the new political alignment, as it was revealed after the tweet in which he announced his project, there would be the Tesla mogul Elon Musk. While for the role of Vice President West would have already chosen a name, even if there is not yet time to reveal it. For the rest, the musician offers the usual bravado: “As with anything else that I have faced in my life” he says with the look of the billionaire rapper, “this time I will win”. And he is not interested in the criticisms of those who claim that his descent on the pitch will result in aid to Trump because it will mean a lot less votes towards the democratic candidate Joe Biden, especially by the African American community: “I don’t deny that this could happen , but to argue that the vote of blacks is necessarily a democratic vote is a form of racism and expression of white supremacy “.

The slogan for the Birthday Party will simply be “Yes!”. And why birthday then? “Because when you win it’s always a birthday.” Among the other revelations during the Forbes interview are the admission that he never made a political vote in his entire life and that he was hit by the coronavirus in February. But, as one would expect from someone who called slavery “a voluntary choice of African Americans, otherwise it would not explain its lifespan for 400 years”, West would not be willing to get the Covid vaccine at the time it was available, simply because he says “vaccines are the mark of the beasts”. As for the “Planned Parenthood”, national organizations that deal with sex education, support for single mothers and in the case of unwanted pregnancies, according to West “have been placed in our cities by white supremacists to do the work that the Devil He wants. ”

30 more days, therefore, before having the certainty that he will run for the White House. At the moment there is not even an electoral apparatus, only the two people who advised him in the move of the July 4th tweet, namely his wife Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk, with whom, he says, “we have been talking about this project for many years And by the way: I was the one who advised him to head the space program. ” That the plan to get to the White House still has the outlines of a daydream Kanye West does not say it clearly but makes him suppose since in his opinion the organizational model of the White House should have the outlines of the imaginary country in the center of Africa of Wakanda, in which most of the events told in the film take place Black Panther. Finally, to those who point out to him that without an formalization, the announcement of the candidacy has the air of an advertising move for his new album, Kanye West offers an answer that does not allow replies: “I will give them albums”.

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