New Genoa Bridge: static testing started

static testing has started

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New Genoa Bridge: static testing started | Today 54 Tir over the viaduct

Static testing of the new Genoa bridge has started. On the new viaduct on the Polcevera, eight trucks entered the east side of the bridge on the southbound carriageway and then turned back to continue with some maneuvers on the new structure. In the afternoon, 44 articulated lorries of 44 tons each rise, for a total weight of about 2,500 tons.

The testing procedures of the new bridge started around 8 am and concern the zero phase of the tests on the agenda, which provides substantially viaduct settlement operations. According to the summary provided by the commissioner at this stage, the means are expected to pass over the structure in a slow-moving, tight formation to allow the structural settlement of the deck.

Among the various tests, there is the twist test with some vehicles running along the north and south carriageways and finally the braking test with some vehicles braking simultaneously at a defined point. At the end of the zero phase, which ended in the morning, the first static tests, which will also continue on Monday 20 July. The whole test is followed by the technicians of Anas, with Rina and Pergenova.


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