Nicknamed “Neighbor” by Odebrecht, Serra received a bribe in Switzerland


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Investigations by the Federal Police point out that Senator José Serra was codenamed “Vizinho” in Odebrecht’s bribery payment spreadsheets. The parliamentarian is the target of a action launched within the scope of the Lava-Jato operation this Friday (03). The nickname was given because Serra lives next to Pedro Novis, his main contact at the contractor. The politician was mayor of São Paulo, from 2005 to 2006, and governor of the state between 2007 and 2010

According to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Serra received, in one go, R $ 4.5 million in bribes. His name appeared mainly in spreadsheets aimed at paying for illegal transfers related to the construction of the São Paulo Ring Road. His daughter, Verônica Serra, was also denounced. In all, parliamentarian would have received R $ 191.6 million in updated amounts.

José Serra was reported by Pedro Novis himself, who now collaborates with the Justice. In addition, the nickname “Neighbor” also appears in emails exchanged by Marcelo Odebrecht. “In many of them, there are express references to the code name” Neighbor “linked to themes such as” Dersa “and to the contact of Pedro Novis”, says an excerpt of the complaint sent to Justice by the MPF.

Dersa is a company that operates highways for the government of the state of São Paulo. The transfers, carried out at a bank in Switzerland, were deposited through the Circle Technical Company, an offshore company, which, according to the due diligence, served to deceive the authorities and give apparent legality for illegal transactions. “And, in fact, a spreadsheet extracted from the contractor’s accounting system indicates that, in the sequence, throughout 2006 and 2007, numerous transfers were made, in favor of a Circle Technical account at the Corner Bank in Switzerland, with reference to codenamed “Neighbor”, most of them linked to the work “Rodoanel”, completes the MPF. The action triggered by the São Paulo’s Lava Jato Task Force on Friday morning (3) at addresses linked to Senator José Serra causes strangeness and indignation. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in a completely unreasonable action, the operation carried out a search and seizure based on old and prescribed facts and after a complaint had already been made, which proves the lack of urgency and evidential support for the Accusation.

It is unfortunate that invasive and aggressive measures such as today are taken without respecting the law and the decision already taken in the case by the Supreme Court, in an illegal movement that seeks to embarrass and expose a senator of the Republic.

Senator José Serra reinforces the lawfulness of his actions and the integrity that has always permeated his public life. He maintains his confidence in the Brazilian Justice, hoping that the facts will be clarified and the arbitrarinesses committed duly investigated.


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