no new lockdown, state of emergency extension is inevitable

no new lockdown, state of emergency extension is inevitable

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Giuseppe Conte in the Senate (Ansa)

Without the extension of the state of emergency “the technical-scientific committee would also cease to function, which in recent months has played an important role in supporting and motivating with scientific evidence, provided that it gives importance to scientific evidence”. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in his communications to the Chamber. “The extension, if we purge the discussion from ideological positions, is an inevitable choice, in some respects obligatory, based on purely technical evaluations. I am not saying obviously that a political evaluation is precluded, indeed today it is requested of you, but I want to say that the government is carrying out this evaluation on the basis of mere organizational and operational issues, certainly not because we want to make instrumental use of a liberticidal attitude, repress dissent or reduce the population to a state of awe. These are serious statements that have no correspondence in the reality “confirmed Conte

“If you do not share the need to extend the emergency, say it frankly to the government but do not confuse the population, because today on social media there are some citizens convinced that extending the state of emergency means renewing the lockdown from the first of August. This is not at all the case. “” We maintain a cautious level of guarding, we do not intend to introduce restrictive measures, there is no intention to dramatize or feed fears “or” to create an unjustified alarm situation “.

Melons, no in a state of emergency, we will not be conniving

“I will not use mincing words. I think what is happening is very serious. This is the piece of a liberticidal drift that the government has put in place with the excuse of Coronavirus there is no other reason.” This was stated by the leader of FDI Giorgia Meloni in the Chamber during the debate on the extension of the state of emergency and returning to what was said also yesterday and that is that “a liberticidal drift” is underway by the premier.


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