nostalgia for all fans (video)

nostalgia for all fans (video)

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Alizée celebrates a special anniversary: ​​nostalgia for all the fans (video)

Alizée celebrates the 20th anniversary of the hit that made her career take off: “Me… Lolita”. Big blow of nostalgia for the young woman today mother of two children. She offers her fans a small retrospective on her Instagram account.

On July 4, 2000, the hit “Me … Lolita” became evident. It was Alizée’s very first single, 15, written by Mylène Farmer. It remains for almost 8 months in the Top 10 best-selling singles in France and will be sold in over a million and a half copies. Alizée’s career was launched.

To celebrate this happy birthday, Grégoire Lyonnet’s wife delighted his fans with a retrospective published on his Instagram account. She writes, moved: “20 years of career, 20 years of meetings, 20 years of incredible memories. Thank you for your many messages for this lovely anniversary.

She concluded by announcing a little surprise: “To celebrate the release of my first single, I am pleased to announce the arrival for Christmas of my first two vinyl albums!




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