one of his enigmatic posts on Instagram worries his fans (PHOTO)

one of his enigmatic posts on Instagram worries his fans (PHOTO)

Photos and a message posted Monday on Britney Spears’ Instagram account raised concerns among her audience.

Fans of Britney Spears, who regularly share their concerns through the hashtag “#FreeBritney“, are they right? Does the 38-year-old singer really need help, when she has been under guardianship for many years? Remember: she was under the control until 2019 of her Father Jamie Spears, before going to court. According to him, the man allegedly forced her into a psychiatric hospital, officially for “intense emotional distress“. Since 2019, it is his”care manager“, Jodi Montgomery, who had taken over.

Enigmatic or even incomprehensible messages

It must be said that the various publications of the star on social networks are sometimes more than enigmatic. At the beginning of July, she wrote on the “Planet 9“, hypothetical ninth planet in the solar system located beyond Neptune. For singer and actress Rose McGowan, there was no doubt: Britney Spears was calling in a roundabout way for help by mentioning one of her albums, devoted to trauma and healing. And again this Tuesday morning …

“What did they do with you?”

I got carried away by the henna“, announced the mother of Sean and Jayden James, accompanied by a photo in which she poses in a bikini, her body covered with drawings made in white paint. But her publication is also accompanied by another photo, showing her in a little bohemian chic top, hands on hips. “I think I’m going for a bohemian look in the second photo. I’m not sure why my hands are on my hips. I guess I’m trying to get attention“. An incomprehensible message for many Internet users: for some, Britney Spears is not believed to be behind this post while others attempt to decipher a potential secret message. “What clues is she trying to show us?“, “You have our undivided attention Britney! We see you! We are listening to you !“, “We can see that it was not she who wrote this legend“, “These photos were taken at two very different times“, “What did they do with you?“, can we read in the comments. Questions remained unanswered from the singer: following her publication, she published this Tuesday another photo, taken in her garden, accompanied by three emojis in the form of red roses.


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