OnePlus will present its new wireless headphones on July 21

OnePlus will present its new wireless headphones on July 21

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OnePlus will hold an event on July 21. Andrew Hoyle / CNET

OnePlus already has a presentation date for its new wireless headphones, OnePlus Buds.

The Chinese manufacturer announced on July 13 that it will take advantage of the presentation event of its new economic cell phone, the OnePlus Nord, next July 21, to also announce the arrival on the market of what will be their first wireless headphones. As OnePlus explains, its new OnePlus Buds are designed to deliver high-quality audio playback as well as a user-friendly experience.

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OnePlus will hold an event on July 21.

There isn’t much information on these headphones, but they will be the first of the brand to have no cables, since the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, their first Bluetooth headphones launched in 2017, have a cable between them that hooks to the neck.

Along with the OnePlus Buds, the company will present the new OnePlus Nord, an inexpensive cell phone of no more than US $ 300, from which some features have been leaked, such as having an AMOLED screen instead of an LCD. It is also expected to incorporate a Snapdragon 765 processor, a fingerprint reader on the screen, between 6GB or 12GB of RAM and a 64-megapixel main camera.

The Nord and the OnePlus Buds will be presented at an event that will air on July 21 at 9 a.m.United States Pacific Time, via mobile applications. The app for the event, called Nord Launch, is now available for download at Google Play and App Store.


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