Opening of Tuna-History Flowing River exhibition took place online

Opening of Tuna-History Flowing River exhibition took place online

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Opening of Tuna-History Flowing River exhibition took place online

The Hungarian Cultural Center in Istanbul, EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Program organized under the support of the Danube Wave Project “Danube-flowing river of history,” the opening of the exhibition was carried out online.

Speaking at the opening of the social media accounts of the center, Hungarian Cultural Center Manager Gabor Fodor stated that as Hungarian Cultural Center, they started their online programs during the pandemic period, “We had to continue our online programs due to unfortunately pandemic. The Hungarian Cultural Center was We will be waiting for you. Our exhibitions will be waiting for you. Our exhibition areas can be visited by using disinfectants and masks, with a maximum of 10 people following the rules of normalization. We will be waiting for you physically as well as our social media channels at the Hungarian Cultural Center. ” said.

Deputy Director of Culture and the Attaché Balazs Szöllössy “We have been here many photo. Now you will be able to visit this exhibition as physical. We have here more than 70 photographs. This exhibition opened at the Hungarian Cultural Center for the first time in Bucharest. Because these projects in both Turkey we are also introducing many capitals of the European Union in the Danube region. ” he spoke.

Istvan Viragvölgyi, the curator of the exhibition, which is connected to the opening, spoke about the exhibition with the following words:

“The Fortepan Photo Archive, where the photographs in the exhibition came, was established in 2010 as an archive, which was taken before 1990, especially collecting personal photographs. This collection, which grew 10 years later, reached 130,000 photographs today. Each digital archive that operates voluntarily The archive is a real source of social information that has been presented to the public, provided that everyone can download it at the resolution they want and provide a source.

The name of the Fortepan Photo Archive is actually the name of Hungary’s most popular negative film raw material. Most of the photos on display here were already taken using this negative film. These films were produced between 1932 and 2007 in the city of Vac, 30 kilometers north of Budapest. During the production, the water of the Danube was also used, so the photos here connected with the River Danube in many ways, and got together with it. It is possible to establish Fortepan films, which can still be used in photographers in Sirkeci, with its connection to Istanbul. “

Viragvölgyi, who invited art lovers to look at the photos, said, “Fortepan will be really familiar for all of us in our common family album and for me, you will definitely have sweet moments. I wish you good luck.” used expressions.

The “Danube-River Flowing Through History” exhibition can be visited provided that the necessary precautions are followed and that there are no more than 10 people in the hall.


The exhibition reveals the events, fun moments and painful times in the last 100 years on the banks of the Danube River with analog photographs selected from the Fortepan Photo Archive.


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