our advice to take the road serenely

our advice to take the road serenely

This Friday, July 3 marks the start of the summer vacation. If like many French people, you plan to go on vacation by car, here are some tips to leave with peace of mind.

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Before going on vacation, remember to check the condition of your vehicle.

This Friday evening begins the summer vacation and many of you will hit the road as of July 3 to reach your vacation spot. According to a recent YouGov study for eBay, 39% of French people plan to go on holiday by car.

“This choice turns out to be unusual” for 16% of them, but it meets the recommendations of the government to spend their holidays in France, constitutes an alternative to trains and planes which are not very available, all in the context of a health crisis. Here are some tips to get you going on the road in a few days.

Prepare your vehicle well

Before hitting the road for a long journey, prepare your vehicle. Levels, tire pressure, condition of the wipers, check that everything is working. Do not hesitate to drop by your garage for a vehicle check-up, especially if your vehicle has not driven much since March 17. Also check that your technical control is up to date. Otherwise, you risk a fine of 135 euros and immobilization of the vehicle while the inspection is carried out.

Little tip: if you have to spend it in the coming months, do not necessarily rush to a center before your departure, if you live in a large city. Make an appointment at your vacation spot, you could be a winner in terms of time and price.

Leave rested

It is very important to leave rested, especially for a full day on the road to your vacation spot.

“Drowsiness is the number one factor in motorway accidents,” explains Alexandra Legendre, spokesperson for the League of Drivers. We must therefore avoid hitting the road after a meal that is too heavy, too greasy. Also remember to hydrate yourself having a lot of water on board. Above all, avoid departures in the niches conducive to falling asleep: between 4 and 8 hours in the morning, and between 2 and 4 pm in the afternoon “.

Going out at night after a work day is not a good idea. Being very tired leads to a state close to a driver with 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. Take turns especially if you are several drivers.

Prepare your trip in advance

Prepare your trip the day before, or at least locate the main stages, which will avoid a lot of stress on the morning of departure. You can take the opportunity to choose new routes, for example to take the motorway to get away from the big cities, before leaving and taking the national for a quieter route, with stops in places to discover.

If you’re planning to go in one go, remember to stop every two hours, even if you don’t feel the need. Do not set an arrival time, it only leads to the nervousness of seeing this time vary on your GPS. Also anticipate the weather on your route and delay your departure if you can. Driving in the rain, in traffic can be very tiring.

Prepare your papers and those of the vehicle

Small tips can finally help you in case of concern.

“Give a duplicate of the keys to a loved one who goes with you on vacation or leave it in a safe place once there, explains Alexandra Legendre. This will allow you to use your vehicle if you lose your keys on vacation.”

It is also advisable to have a copy of your documents and those of the easily accessible vehicle (driver’s license, insurance certificate, technical inspection sticker and vehicle registration document), for example via your smartphone. If the papers are lost or stolen, this will make it easier to redo them.


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