over 140 arrests after opposition protest

over 140 arrests after opposition protest

Those arrested were gathered to challenge the revision of the Constitution which allows Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036.

© Dimitar DILKOFF © 2019 AFP
Demonstration in Moscow, July 15, 2020

More than 140 people were arrested Wednesday evening by the police after an opposition rally in central Moscow to protest against a recent revision of the Constitution, according to the count of the NGO OVD-Info, which specializes in monitoring protests in Russia.

“Russia without Putin!” Chanted protesters.

A total of 142 people were arrested, according to this source, after this unauthorized protest action against the constitutional amendments which notably gave President Vladimir Putin the right to stay in power until 2036, the year of his 84 years.

A reform validated by 78% of voters

A leading figure in opposition to the reform, municipal opposition MP Yulia Galiamina, announced on Facebook that she was arrested with her daughter in Moscow. Together with her supporters, she was collecting signatures – she wrote on Twitter that she had obtained 5,000, “an excellent result” – for an appeal to the Supreme Court against the review approved this month.

After a vote organized in late June and early July, this reform was approved by nearly 78% of voters, according to official results, but the opposition denounced massive fraud.

Video: Russia: more than 100 arrests after an opposition demonstration (ONG) (AFP)




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