Perugia, 23 of the 25 Tunisians arriving on Thursday fleeing: 2 found

Perugia, 23 of the 25 Tunisians arriving on Thursday fleeing: 2 found

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Perugia, 23 of the 25 Tunisians arriving on Thursday flee: 2 found | Taranto, over 20 migrants flee the hotspot

Of the 25 Tunisians who arrived in Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia) on Thursday, “however, without the mayor being notified, 23 immediately fled violating the quarantine”. This was reported by the Northern League deputy Virginio Caparvi, after a meeting with the first citizen Enrico Valentini. Two immigrants were later found in good condition. In addition, in Taranto over 20 migrants fled the hotspot.

Reconstructing the story, Valentini recalled that the 25 immigrants had arrived in Gualdo from Agrigento on Thursday. The prefecture had identified for their accommodation a former farmhouse managed by a social cooperative, who had participated in a special call in recent years.

In the late Saturday afternoon, 23 migrants left managing to lose their tracks. One was immediately organized task force for the searches, which went on all night. The area is characterized by numerous municipal and local roads. Valentini also stressed that he had officially asked for information, but that he did not yet know the generalities of the fugitives, who had been placed in quarantine and in isolation in the former farmhouse.

The same in Agrigento had been subjected to serological test, but the mayor said he had no information on any swabs performed. For the first citizen of the Umbrian municipality “management by the government has been nothing short of superficial”

Over 20 migrants flee the Taranto hotspot Over 20 migrants who arrived from Lampedusa in recent days fled the Taranto hotspot on Saturday evening, where they were waiting to be sent to other centers after identification. Police sources confirm this. Other guests were instead blocked by the police despite an attempt to move away from the facility, which is located in the port area. The search for migrants who have fled so far has failed.


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