Peugeot design boss goes to Renault!

Peugeot design boss goes to Renault!

Craftsman of Peugeot’s stylistic revival since 2010, Gilles Vidal has joined the ranks of the lion’s great rival, Renault.

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Gilles Vidal, Peugeot style boss

Craftsman of Peugeot’s stylistic revival since 2010, Gilles Vidal has joined the ranks of the lion’s great rival, Renault.

He is the one who shaped the face of Peugeot’s latest creations. Joined the PSA group in 1996, Gilles Vidal had been promoted to the rank of design director of the lion brand in 2010. From then on, he put his stamp on the development of Peugeot’s style, by infusing it with a surplus of dynamism and modernity, both outside and inside, in line with the desire of a upmarket.

This new aesthetic breath has been rewarded several times, especially at the time of the election of the car of the year. In the first place, current 308, whose commercial success was doubled by the title awarded at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Three years later, bis repetita with the SUV 3008, before a new coronation last March, acquired hands down by the second generation of the city ​​car 208 and its unprecedented electrical variation e-208.

What position at Renault?

From now on, the Peugeot chapter is closed for Gilles Vidal. “After almost 25 years within the PSA group, at the end of July I will be leaving the design department of the Peugeot brand to sail towards other automotive horizons”, announced the interested party, aged 47, via his Linkedin account. This new horizon has the shape of a diamond. Indeed, Gilles Vidal has chosen to join the ranks of Peugeot’s great rival, namely Renault. While the Sochalian firm has already replaced him internally by Matthias Hossann, his arrival within the diamond group will be effective in November 2020. But will he occupy an equivalent position there?

Responsibility for the style of Dacia will be assumed by Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, recently arrived from Seat. Since then, Gilles Vidal should inherit the design of the models carrying the diamond, but nothing says either that it won’t be in charge of a brand’s styling like Alpine. “I am very happy to welcome Gilles Vidal to our team, said Laurens van den Acker, Renault styling director since 2009. Gilles has in-depth knowledge of creating strong and attractive brands based on design. His experience, recognized by all, his sense of innovation and his passion for design will be real assets for Groupe Renault. Gilles has been a source of inspiration for many and I look forward to working with him to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. “

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