Photos of Andrew Scheer at Toronto Pearson Airport without face cover

Photos of Andrew Scheer at Toronto Pearson Airport without face cover

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OTTAWA – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was spotted Tuesday in a Toronto airport lounge not wearing the mandatory face cover.

Two separate photos of the party leader with his face uncovered on a seat in a waiting area were circulated online, but his office says he was wearing a mask for his trip.

A spokesperson said the photos must have been taken after he removed the face cover to take a call, but before he put it back on.

Toronto Pearson Airport currently has a policy that masks should be worn at all times to curb the spread of COVID-19, with a few exceptions, including being in a food court.

The photos show Mr. Scheer in the living room with several other people, and although they are sitting somewhat distanced, none of them is wearing a mask.

In April, Scheer was criticized for bringing his family on a government flight to Ottawa for a session of the House of Commons, which reduced the ability of the other two members on board to keep a distance from the Scheers .

He and other party leaders wear face covers around Parliament Hill. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also wears it during photo ops.

Mr. Scheer will soon no longer assume the duties of party leader. Ballots to select a replacement will be mailed out in the coming days and a new leader will be elected in late August.

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