‘Pingitore told me I didn’t know how to do anything’

'Pingitore told me I didn't know how to do anything'

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Milena Miconi

Milena Miconi, guest in connection with “There is time for …”, recalled the period in which she worked at the Bagaglino together with Pier Francesco Pingitore, revealing that the latter said on several occasions that “she could not do anything” . “They made us meet some people in common, they were looking for the new first woman, I arrived in 99-2000, and I was practically the last chosen one, I closed the Bagaglino alone, because then there were many of the first women together. A wonderful experience for me “, said the showgirl during the interview released in the program conducted by Anna Falchi and Beppe Convertini on Raiuno. “I auditioned even if I didn’t know how to do anything as Ninni said (the nickname of Pingitore, editor’s note), he made fun of me, told me that I was nice and that women liked me”, he added with a hint of irony.

Speaking of her experience at the Salone Margherita theater, the 48 year old continued: “I worked a lot and I learned a lot. I wanted to be an actress and for me it was a new thing, it was a great emotion, I must say that it was a beautiful and important experience. It was new and different, for me it was an important and formative experience, it was a good start for me, I learned a lot. ” “Entering the Teatro Margherita was like entering another dimension, when you entered that theater and really lived it, it was like entering another era,” he concluded.

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