Police arrest man who assaulted woman with punch in Diadema

Police arrest man who assaulted woman with punch in Diadema

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The man who punched a woman in Diadema, Greater São Paulo, was arrested by the police this Friday, 24th.

The assault took place on Wednesday, 22, and was recorded by a security camera.

The woman left for work at 7 am when she was attacked in front of a building in Jardim Canhema. She was waiting for a chartered bus when the man approached and delivered the punch, injuring the victim in the face.

The woman’s husband says she is very upset about what happened. And afraid to leave the house.

Upon being taken to the police station, the Diadem he talked in a disjointed manner. For this reason, the police must ask the Justice for his internment.

After the images were released and the case gained repercussions, two other women said they were beaten by the same man.

Learn how to report violence against women

The cases of domestic violence that have seen cases in the Judiciary begin in different channels of the justice system, such as police stations (common and focused on the defense of women), hotline, prosecutors and public defenders.

Disc 180

The Hotline was created by the Secretariat of Policies for Women (SPM). The complaint is anonymous and free, available 24 hours a day, throughout the country. Cases received by the central are referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Disc 100

The service can be considered as an “emergency room” for human rights because it also addresses serious situations of violations that have just occurred or are still in progress, by calling in the competent bodies, allowing the flagrante delicto. Dial 100 works daily, 24 hours a day, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Calls can be made from all over Brazil through toll-free dialing, from any fixed or mobile phone terminal (cell phone), just dial 100.

Military Police (190)

The victim or the witness can look for a common police station, where priority should be given to assistance or even call for help by calling 190. In this case, a Military Police vehicle will go to the scene. When the threat or aggression is flagrant, the man is taken to the police station, the occurrence is registered, the victim and the witnesses are heard. At the custody hearing, the judge decides whether he will be arrested or released.

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