Police evacuate huge migrant camp at the entrance to Paris

Police evacuate huge migrant camp at the entrance to Paris

© Christophe ARCHAMBAULT
Police officers empty immigrant camp at Aubervilliers on July 29, 2020

Police evacuated 1,500 migrants from a makeshift camp at the entrance to Paris on Wednesday (29), an operation that responds to the government’s promise to dismantle these unhealthy locations that have multiplied for some years in the French capital.

The migrants were taken by bus to empty reception centers, or gymnasiums, in the Paris region, the local police command told AFP.

“This operation is the logical continuation of all those we have been carrying out for several months,” Didier Lallement, the Paris police officer, present during the withdrawal, told the press.

The evacuation also responds to a health imperative, as authorities struggle to prevent a second outbreak of COVID-19.

The migrants who settled in this camp in the middle of the street are mostly men from countries that are part of the Horn of Africa – Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea – or Afghanistan.

“They are exhausted. For some, it is the tenth evacuation. They know they will be taken to gyms, and half will be on the street again tonight,” said Silvana Gaeta, of the Solidarité Migrants Wilson collective.

After hesitating about whether to get on one of the buses, Ismaël Fatah patiently waits for his turn to board.

“It is the fourth time that I have settled in a camp. Life is hard in France, I did not expect this reception. My country is at war, I have no other option,” this 29-year-old father from Sudan told AFP. , whose son was born in France.

The Aubervilliers “camp” is one of many that have appeared on the streets of and around Paris since the beginning of the migration crisis in 2015.

Many of the migrants living in these places are fleeing war, or poverty, in their countries.

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