Pompeo appeals to the “free world” against China’s “tyranny”

Pompeo appeals to the

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AGI – The head of US diplomacy Mike Pompeo has made an appeal “to the free world” to triumph against “the new tyranny” embodied by the People’s Republic of China. The intervention follows the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, described as an “espionage center”. “China today is increasingly authoritarian in the interior of the country, and more aggressive in its hostility towards freedom elsewhere,” said Pompeo speaking in California.

Meanwhile, the FBI is on the hunt for the Chinese researcher who believes she has hidden in the consulate in San Francisco: the woman would like to avoid arrest because she is accused of a fake visa and to hide that she is actually linked to the army. But it is part, according to American investigators, of a Chinese program to infiltrate scientists in disguise in the US.

It is the last piece of the serious commercial, political and diplomatic crisis that has opened up between the governments of the United States and China. And the Trump administration’s order to close the Chinese consulate in the city of Houston, Texas follows a few hours, a story accompanied by heavy accusations of spying on China. Beijing responded by threatening “retaliation” that has not yet materialized.

According to documents filed with the California court, the FBI questioned Tang Juan, a biology researcher at the University of California, on June 20 and accused her, six days later, of having committed a fraud in the procedures for the seen. Prosecutors believe the woman has made a false claim claiming that she never served in the armed forces of her country.

Instead, they discovered photos of the uniformed scientist and verified that she worked at the Chinese Air Force Military Medicine University. In the interrogation, the woman claimed that wearing a military uniform is mandatory to attend university. But from a search in his apartment, carried out on the same day of the interrogation, further evidence of his affiliation to the People’s Liberation Army was found.

After the interrogation, Tang has become unavailable and now appears to be hidden in the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. The judicial papers also mention two other Chinese researchers, who would have worked in as many Californian universities, San Francisco and Duke: they too are suspected of having provided false information on their generality, but for now there are still no judicial charges against them .

The US, however, now argue that the events are not isolated cases: they seem instead “to be part of a program conducted by China – and in particular by the University of military medicine and associated institutions – to send military scientists to the United States with false generality or false statements about their true occupation. “

Prior to the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, the United States had already sanctioned eleven Chinese companies for abusing the Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region, and had reported two Chinese “hackers” who allegedly attempted to steal Covid-19 vaccine data. and secrets of military technology.

Beijing speaks of slanders and political persecution against students and researchers. But President Donald Trump has a re-election ahead and showing tough on China is also a way to increase his credibility in terms of national security.


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