Pre-candidate, Guilherme Boulos tries to attract those who work with the application

Pre-candidate, Guilherme Boulos tries to attract those who work with the application


Confirmed as PSOL’s pre-candidate for the São Paulo City Hall, homeless leader Guilherme Boulos has, among his proposals, the regulation of the work of delivery drivers and application drivers. The ideas range from a ceiling for passing on the value of races to the creation of a fund, destined for sickness and social security benefits, supplied with money that now goes into companies’ revenues.

Quoted in a statement by Boulos on social media shortly after his victory in the party’s preliminaries, the proposal is a nod to motoboys, who have been mobilizing nationally for better working conditions. The capital of São Paulo has already had two stoppages in the category this month, which came to gather around 5,000 deliverers on July 1.

“In São Paulo, Uber does what it wants, iFood does what it wants, Rappi does what it wants. In our government, it won’t be like that,” he said. “It is absurd to win all of this just by offering a technology. You don’t do anything, you don’t have a car.”

It is estimated that the capital has between 40,000 and 60,000 motorcyclists active in application delivery services, according to the Association of Motor Application Drivers of Brazil (Amab). They demand a minimum charge table for the service and an increase in the percentage passed on to motoboys for deliveries. At least four regulatory proposals have been in the Chamber of Deputies for two weeks.

Boulos classified former governor Márcio França (PSB), his likely opponent in the dispute, as a “right-wing candidate”. “His political construction here in São Paulo was linked to the toucan, to (ex-governor Geraldo) Alckmin. This is not an opinion of an opponent, it is a confirmation of his political history,” he said.

In the networks, Boulos highlighted research by the Ideia Big Data institute that placed him in third place in voting intentions, behind France. In addition, he tried to distance himself from former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). “I have respect and political differences with him, it is not by chance that he is from PT and I am from PSOL”, he declared.

Basic income. Among his first promises in the pre-campaign, Boulos also mentioned the creation of a municipal basic income and a zero tariff for public transport. The plan is to grant a tariff exemption to the unemployed initially, and then expand to other sectors of the population.

The homeless leader also defended a “radically democratic, popular, socialist” model of the city, which attracts poorer families to the center and thus removes the pressure of irregular occupations on the periphery and on the banks of the capital’s water reservoirs.

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.


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