Recovery fund. Government management of funds

 Recovery fund. Government management of funds

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It should be clarified, at least in the intentions of Prime Minister Conte, what will be the control room for the management of the 209 billion that will come with the Recovery fund. It will be the CIAE, or the inter-ministerial committee for European affairs, to act as a clearing and coordination chamber between Palazzo Chigi, ministries and local authorities. The committee already exists, no laws or instituting decrees are needed, it can be immediately operational and delivers the last word to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Oppositions and important pieces of the majority are not there and would like a direct involvement of the parliament. The proposals indulge themselves: from an equal two-chamber commission between majority and opposition to a non-chamber commission anchored now in the Senate now in the Chamber to other formations. Conte assured that he would leave the power of direction and control to the Chambers, in no case that of managing European funds.

A knot is the belief that winds through the majority, which the government will have to resolve before parliament. “We will sit down and evaluate in the national interest. It will be a pragmatic evaluation”, explains the owner of European Affairs Enzo Amendola.

Just Amendola (Pd) in the CIAE has in fact the role of Conte’s deputy. But the choice of the committee satisfies everyone. Luigi Di Maio and Roberto Gualtieri sit by right, as do the “competent” ministers from time to time. And regions, municipalities and provinces also have access to it. A decisive role will then be played by the technical evaluation committee, made up of one-two technical members for each ministry.

This will be the “technical” part of the task force. The CIAE does not therefore preclude the establishment of the bicameral commission on which there is a full convergence between the Democratic Party and the Fi. “Parliament decides,” says Amendola assuring that chambers and opposition will be involved in the recovery. Ciae and bicameral will have different times. The committee is ready to meet in the coming days. The bicameral will not be operational, possibly, before September and will inevitably be affected by all the stumbling blocks due to the tensions in the majority, the election campaign first and the results of the regional ones then.


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