Retired general denies involvement of his “friend” in the Jesuit massacre in El Salvador

Retired general denies involvement of his

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A retired Salvadoran general who has acted as an expert in the trial for the murders of the five Spanish Jesuits in El Salvador in 1989 has denied the involvement of former colonel Inocente Montano – “friend” and “companion” of his La Tandona– as the group of officers he led is known de facto the country during the Civil War and to which all witnesses have pointed out to be behind the massacre, according to reports on Monday (07.13.2020).

Mauricio Ernesto Vargas – retired general of the Salvadoran Armed Forces (FAES) and current deputy for the extreme right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party – has declared as an expert witness at the defense of the former colonel and former Deputy Minister of Public Security, who previously defended in a proceeding in the United States against him for immigration fraud and perjury, but there he acted as a witness.

Vargas, the self-proclaimed “friend of the truth”

At one point in his statement, the private prosecution has asked him if he has a friendship with the accused after statements to a Salvadoran newspaper in which Vargas said that he went to trial in the United States “as outraged by the number of lies that were being spread. saying against the Armed Forces and against Montano, my friend. “

“I am friends with my friends but I am more friends with the truth,” replied Vargas. However, the lawyer has asked him to be more explicit about whether or not he has a friendship with Montano. “I have always had it, I will not deny it,” he said then.

His testimony has been a counterpoint to that of his predecessor on Monday, the American Terry Karl, who produced two reports for the cause of the National Court in which he places Montano as a key position in the massacre. Vargas – who claimed to have followed Karl’s statements – disqualified her by saying that she has made “impressive value judgments” and “sophisms”, that is, posing as true arguments that are “false”.

A position against the expert that is not new since in the procedure in the United States she assured that Karl’s report was “full of inaccuracies”, that is why he issued a counter report in 2013 together with “a team of collaborators” from a ” group of strategic studies “of which he has refused to give names because he had not consulted them, nor has he revealed which people they interviewed.

Vargas has followed that line to defend his classmate from La Tandona, a group characterized by a code of silence so as not to betray each other. In as much, and on the murders, the retired general denied that they were a political decision because, according to him, there was no state terrorism. “It seems crazy to me to affirm that, it is a murder that simple,” he said, adding that in his military career he never saw an operations plan where it was said that someone was going to be assassinated.

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