return to work of the longshoremen scheduled for 6:59 am, Friday

return to work of the longshoremen scheduled for 6:59 am, Friday

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MONTREAL – Members of the Union of Longshoremen of the Port of Montreal (CUPE) who began a four-day strike last Monday morning were to end their picket lines at 11:00 p.m. Thursday and resume work Friday morning at 6:59 a.m.

Large foremen and maintenance workers also stopped work last Monday.

The union adviser, Michel Murray, explained earlier this week that the dispute was mainly about the work schedules of longshoremen and said he believed the strike would put pressure on the Maritime Employers Association (AEM).

However, the labor dispute escalated this week and police officers from the City of Montreal Police Department (SPVM) had to intervene Wednesday evening in a parking lot near the Olympic Stadium. Executives and security guards had just been assaulted when they got out of the bus that shuttled between the parking lot and the port.

The Maritime Employers Association says that nearly fifty strikers, some armed with sticks, were waiting for employees doing replacement work at the Port of Montreal. No one was seriously injured, but the SPVM confirms that it is investigating complaints of assault and theft and possibly cases of harassment and threats.

Michel Murray accused the executives of having provoked the strikers by doing replacement work.

On the other hand, last Tuesday evening, Local 1657 of the International Association of Longshoremen (IDA) handed a strike notice to the Association of Maritime Employers (AEM). According to the union, the stalemate relates to job security and the jurisdiction of union members’ duties.

Union president Ian Mulcahy says terminal operators have implanted technology in an attempt to eliminate auditor jobs.

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