Rodrigo Hilbert debuts on Globo and fans love it

Rodrigo Hilbert debuts on Globo and fans love it

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Fans of Rodrigo Hilbert can kill the heartache this Saturday (18), when the presenter debuted the painting Family Seasoning don’t program It’s from Home. After nine years away from Globo, he was successful with his charisma, culinary recipes and multiple talents.

In the program of GNT, Rodrigo built his own barbecue and prepared a delicious recipe, perfect for a family lunch: rib on the breath and cassava rostie, accompanied by a homemade herb butter.

Considered by many internet users as one of the most charming and talented men in the country, Hilbert has become one of the most talked about subjects in the Twitter as soon as it appeared on the screen this morning.

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“I watched Rodrigo Hilbert cooking and had a visual orgasm,” joked an internet user. “Rodrigo hilbert goes to the market to buy the ingredients for the recipe, he builds the market, plants the ingredients, picks up the boots to sell, then builds a car to go to the market he made, goes to the market and goes back to the house he built and makes the recipe, ”commented another person in a joking tone. Check out other reactions:


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