Russia and China scandal Syria veto

Russia and China scandal Syria veto

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Breaking news: Russia and China scandal Syria veto

Last minute: Russia and China veto the renewal of the mechanism that allows UN aid to be sent to about 3 million people in Syria.

Breaking news… The United Nations (UNSC) Security Council has voted for the renewal of the mechanism, which will enable cross-border international aid to Syria since 2014 and expire on July 10.

The draft resolution submitted to the council by Germany and Belgium was vetoed by Russia and China. Syria, UNSC available only on the decision of the two border crossing out of Turkey, Öncüpınar opposite Babüssel, and Cilvegözü from across Babülhava international assistance can be made.

After the veto of Russia and China, both border gates will be closed to the passage of aid convoys as the mechanism expires on 10 July. UNHCR decision is required to provide cross-border aid to Syria. According to the UN, 70 percent of nearly 3 million people living in Idlib in the north west of Syria need humanitarian assistance.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), in January 1613 since the two border crossing to Syria via Turkey, including 8 thousand 468 aid convoy sent from Öncüpınar. Last year, two of which made aid to Syria from Turkey was found to be four border crossings, Russia and China’s veto was down 2 after them. The border gates between er-Remse and Syria between Jordan and Syria were closed to the entrance of aid.


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