Russia chooses the countries to which it will send its medicine against COVID-19

Russia chooses the countries to which it will send its medicine against COVID-19

© Antonio Lacerda (EFE)

Latin America will be the first recipient of Avifavir, a Russian-made coronavirus medication. The announcement was made by the director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kiril Dmítriyev, who assured that The entity received requests from more than 50 countries that want the drug.

In an interview with a local chain, Dmítriyev said: “Our priority is those countries where the number of coronavirus infections is increasing considerably. This is, of course, Brazil and many other Latin American countries. ” Latin America is the current epicenter of the pandemic and Brazil, the largest country in the region, is the second most affected by the virus after the United States.

What is Avifavir?

Avifavir is a medicine that has been used successfully in various regions of Russia to combat coronavirus. In addition, he received a certificate from the country’s Ministry of Health. According to the Russian health authorities, The drug has positive effects if used in the early and middle stages of the disease.

However, some experts consider that the Ministry’s authorization to use the drug was too hasty, since it was started when the clinical trials were still running, which were done in less time and with fewer people than are usually used, according to BBC.

For their part, researchers from Japan (where the effectiveness of the drug was initially believed) assured that their clinical trials did not produce conclusive results on the efficacy of favipiravir, one of Avifavir’s active ingredients, as a treatment against coronavirus.


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