Senator who ‘won’ vacancy after impeachment of ‘Moro in skirts’ remains in office because of pandemic

Senator who 'won' vacancy after impeachment of 'Moro in skirts' remains in office because of pandemic

BRASILIA – The pandemic of the new coronavirus gave a political survival to Senator Carlos Fávaro (PSD-MT), third in the elections of Mato Grosso to the Senate in 2018. The businessman and rural producer was catapulted to the position by a injunction from the president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, and has no date for leaving the buffer mandate. An election scheduled for April with the objective of defining the occupant of the vacancy was canceled due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which postponed the outcome of the case. In this period, Fávaro himself was contaminated by the covid-19.

Fávaro arrived in the Senate in April after the senator Judge Selma Arruda (Pode-MT), known as “Moro de saias”, was impeached by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for box 2 and abuse of economic power in the last campaign. Toffoli’s decision guaranteed the congressman to assume the position provisionally until the new election in the state, with no date yet to occur due to the pandemic. The STF president’s argument was not to leave Mato Grosso with only two senators and without full representation in the House, where each unit of the federation is represented by three parliamentarians.

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Senator Carlos Fávaro

In practice, the postponement of the election has left the PSD politician for longer than anticipated in the vacancy. In an interview with Estadão / Broadcast, the businessman rejected criticism of the buffer mandate and declared that there would be an even greater legitimacy crisis if his state had only two senators. Fávaro intends to run for the seat in the new election to stay permanently in office.

To justify his performance in office, the parliamentarian mentions that he was the author of an amendment guaranteeing Mato Grosso a greater share in the financial aid paid by the Union to states and municipalities due to the pandemic. In addition, he says he obtained with the government the release of R $ 50 million in direct transfers, even without the right to parliamentary amendments this year.

“If I am not here, the people of Mato Grosso would have lost these resources, Mato Grosso would be under-represented and then it would be illegitimate. What would be an aberration is that the State has only two senators ”, he said. The senator relies on his provisional performance to win the contest. “Stay calm. I will stay until 2027. With faith in God. ”

Date. The technical area of ​​the TSE defends the holding of a new senator election on the same day of the first round of municipal elections in November, scheduled for November 15. According to Estadão / Broadcast, the president of the TSE, Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, will decide on the matter until this Friday (17).

The court’s adviser confirmed to the report that Barroso evaluates that date for the supplementary election, as suggested by the president of the Regional Electoral Court of Mato Grosso, judge Gilberto Giraldelli. In Giraldelli’s assessment, combining calendars would save expenses and avoid a greater risk of contamination of voters by covid-19.

Fávaro arrived in the Senate after the PSD – the senator’s party – and Governor Mauro Mendes (DEM) filed lawsuits in the Supreme Court asking that the third-placed candidate temporarily assume the vacancy of Selma. “They didn’t win the election, they didn’t have a vote to win the election and now they want to invent the figure of the bionic senator. We hope that this soap opera will end in November ”, stated the deputy leader of the government in the Chamber, deputy José Medeiros (Pode-MT).

One of the 12 names that have already entered the dispute for the vacancy of the businessman, the deputy criticizes the performance of the State government in the case. “We have the state government machine working for Fávaro. The State Government of MT took the State Attorney’s Office and filed a petition in favor of Carlos Fávaro in the STF, which is absurd. I did not ask for impeachment from the governor because I know it will come to nothing. It would give impeachment even in Venezuela, ”he said.

Sought by the report, the government of Mato Grosso did not manifest itself until the publication of this text.

Gratification. Since taking office on April 16, the senator has been entitled to a salary of R $ 33,763.00, in addition to other perks. The businessman received a month of housing assistance (R $ 3,326.88), until he occupied the functional property in Brasília. Of the parliamentary quota, the Senate disbursed a total of R $ 64,029.38 to Fávaro until Wednesday, 15, according to the Transparency Portal. Most of the money (R $ 42,204.30) was used by Fávaro to pay companies and publicize his parliamentary activity, which, in practice, may favor him in a dispute for the seat.

Until an anticipation of the Christmas bonus, the Senate gave Carlos Fávaro, in the amount of R $ 5,627.16, even though it is not possible to say whether he will still be in office at Christmas, on December 25th. “I see you very concerned with legitimacy. Illegitimate would be the state lacking a representative. I feel very legitimate representing the population of Mato Grosso ”, declared the parliamentarian.

Diagnosed with covid-19 last month, the senator was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, but has already recovered from the disease after a 21-day hospital stay. First, he treated a lump in the lung for nine days. “I was blessed with a miracle, healed, healed without taking medicine, but then I found out I had coronavirus and it was another 12 days in the hospital. It was very strong. and I think we managed to fulfill our role. ”


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