she gets lynched on twitter

she gets lynched on twitter

Tuesday July 7, in his program broadcast on Sud Radio, André Bercoff talked by phone with Brigitte Bardot. And as much to say that the actress did not mince words against the government, especially when the host returned to the police situation in France. While she said she wanted to leave the country at times, Twitter reacted to his comments.

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Brigitte Bardot ready to leave France: she is lynched on Twitter

Last April, during the confinement, Brigitte Bardot gave an interview to the JDD in which she confided in her daily life in Saint-Tropez, explaining that he hadn’t changed much. “I’m a wild person. Aside from a few, I don’t really like the company of humans. They annoy me! I love being in my countryside, with my animals and my flowering trees. The sunsets here are magnificent, “she said.

In the rest of the interview, the 85-year-old actress did not fail to express how much the confinement posed no problem for her, quite the contrary. “There is no longer a plane, no more a boat, no more a car. No more a tourist or a crowd screaming. It is sublime. I see squirrels, birds in shambles and even wild boars on the way to the coast “, she continued.


Tuesday, July 7, Brigitte Bardot spoke by telephone with André Bercoff on Sud Radio. At first, the host returned to the police support letter that the actress posted on social networks last June 12 and in which, once again, she does not mince words. A missive titled as: “Long live the French police”. “I admire their bravery and understand their revolt against to a lamentable Castaner supported by a submissive Macron! I am French by birth, I represented ‘Marianne’ and I am known all over the world, so I give you a damn, you lesson givers, correct politicians, bunch of emasculated cowards “.

Then André Bercoff spoke about current events in France. “For the past two days, two municipal police officers have been attacked in Lyon (…) They were beaten up, hospital and company. Constable Mélanie Lemée was run over by a car. A vehicle literally ran over her. She was very, very seriously injured and she died a few hours later, “he said. To which Brigitte Bardot replied: “I am frightened, disgusted. I find that we are governed by cowards, submissives, sans-couilles (…) It is scandalous to act like that on the part of a government. I’m fed up with it and more than fed up. There are times when I want to leave France, so it has become disgusting (…) The cops must be right about everything (. ..) There are lots of places that are now places where nobody can go in. What is that? (…) We let ourselves be invaded by populations who have nothing to do with us, who are extremely violent, cruel and very dangerous. Everyone is afraid. ” Comments that made react on Twitter, some internet users calling them “racist” and “foul-smelling”.


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