Shock in New York, tech start-up entrepreneur beheaded and torn to pieces

Shock in New York, tech start-up entrepreneur beheaded and torn to pieces

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Shock in New York, tech start-up entrepreneur beheaded and torn to pieces

Shock in New York. Fahim Saleh, known among his friends as the Elon Musk from emerging countries, was killed in his luxury apartment on the Lower East Side. The 33-year-old entrepreneur, founder of start-ups in Nigeria and Bangladesh, his country of origin, was beheaded and torn to pieces with an electric saw. The killer attacked him on the doorstep shortly after 1:30 am on Tuesday. The motive is still unclear and the police are investigating.

What appears to be certain at the moment, according to investigators, is that it was a professional job: despite having cut his arms and legs surgically, there was almost no blood on the floor.

To find the boy’s body was the sister who, around 4 in the morning, rang the doorbell to make sure she was okay after not hearing it the whole day. The doorbell interrupted the killer’s job, forced to flee the stairs in a hurry.

The building’s surveillance videos show Saleh entering the building on the confused Monday-Tuesday night. In the elevator with him his killer dressed all in black, including hat and mask, and wearing gloves. Arriving on the seventh floor, the one where he resided, Saleh was attacked by the man who hurriedly closed the door of the apartment so as to avoid indiscreet eyes and cameras.

According to rumors, the neighbors would have heard screams and a great noise but would not have called the police. The agents arrived on the scene after the victim’s sister sounded the alarm: she managed to enter the house and found her brother’s torso in the dining room and other parts of his body already placed in plastic bags.

The investigations are underway and for now nobody has been stopped: the investigators are sifting through the stairs through which the killer would have run away to check if, in a hurry, he left traces.

Who was Saleh – Born in Saudi Arabia to a family originally from Bangladesh, Saleh lived most of his life in the United States. He attended a high school in Poughkeepsie, New York state, and graduated from Bentley University, Massachusetts.

However, his dream has always been New York, where last December he bought the apartment where he was killed for 2.25 million dollars. Resources gained through various successful experiences with different start-ups, among which Godaka, big of Nigeria for scooter sharing, e Pathao in Bangladesh.

In 2018 he founded venture capital Adventure. Its portfolio also holds a stake in Picap, a Colombian company.


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