Small plane crashes into the tower and hangs

Small plane crashes into the tower and hangs

Muncheberg. A small plane flew into the tower of the airfield in Müncheberg – and got stuck at first. The plane’s two occupants – father and son – were rescued by emergency services and flown to hospitals by helicopter.

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The small plane hangs on the tower of the Müncheberg-Eggersdorf airfield after the collision.

The 68-year-old pilot and his 46-year-old son were injured, a police spokeswoman said. How severe the injuries were was initially unclear. The cause of the collision of the ultralight aircraft at Eggersdorf airfield in a district of Müncheberg also remained open for the time being. This should be found out during an aircraft accident investigation.

No other people were injured. There was a man in the tower at the time of the collision, but he was not injured. The shell of the tower was not damaged, panes were not broken.

The aircraft could not be recovered at first. “It still hangs up there on the tower,” said the police spokeswoman. The reason is that the microlight has a missile as part of a rescue system that is activated in the event of an emergency landing. To secure and remove them, an ammunition rescue service was on site.

The former military airfield has been a special landing site since this year and no longer a traffic landing site, only certain users are allowed to land there. According to the airfield, the tower was only built in 2013.

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