Sponsor of FC Sion and ex-PDC candidate among suspects of coke trafficking

Sponsor of FC Sion and ex-PDC candidate among suspects of coke trafficking

New surprise in the narcotics case which has just come to light: a man known to sports and political circles is also one of those arrested.

Valais is facing a large series of arrests linked to drug trafficking.

The revelations on the vast drug trafficking in Valais multiply. Monday, we learned that a policeman suspected of informing traffickers was part of the fifteen people arrested in this case. Tuesday, Rhône FM unveiled that one of the sponsors of FC Sion, a body from Conthey, was involved in this drug story. And Wednesday, “Le Nouvelliste” completed the information, affirming that this same person had appeared on the PDC list for the General Council of Vétroz. A revelation that was confirmed in the Valaisan daily by the local party, which however did not comment further, evoking the presumption of innocence. The bodybuilder has in the meantime withdrawn his candidacy, by mutual agreement with the PDC.

The first arrests linked to this drug trafficking date back a few months. Several investigations have been successful and have shown that these cases have common ramifications, said prosecutor Olivier Elsig on Monday. The arrest of the police officer and the bodybuilder dates back to late June-early July, according to information gleaned by the Valais media.


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