State launches free application to identify symptoms of COVID-19

State launches free application to identify symptoms of COVID-19

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Application can be found for free on IOS and android platforms

The Minas government has developed a virtual tool to detect possible coronavirus symptoms without people having to leave the house. Through the application Digital Health MG, miners will be able to make quick and free sorting. Thus, they avoid traveling to hospitals and other health units.

The tool will be available on systems IOS e android and can be downloaded for free on cell phones. “There is an artificial intelligence system that makes a screening for people at risk of having COVID-19 or not. If it is, it is referred to an appointment with the doctors of the Telemedicine System, who are from Fhemig. Our goal is for them to have care and avoid people with mild cases looking for hospitals. All this displacement of people with symptoms can bring risks to society “, explains the Secretary of State for Health, Carlos Eduardo Amaral, during live this Wednesday afternoon, next to Governor Romeu Zema.

One of the government’s objectives is to avoid long lines in the screening, both from public and private hospitals. “It is a service in which we have the ability to serve all citizens, regardless of where they live or social status. It is important that everyone download the application”, says Carlos Eduardo. The case curve has been increasing in the state, but the government maintains the discourse that the health system will meet the demand of patients. On Wednesday, the state reported 1,752 cases and 64 deaths. The balance shows that 82,010 people have contracted the virus and 3,367 lost their lives due to COVID-19 in Minas.


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