States are preparing to make modifications to their Covid-19 traffic lights,

States are preparing to make modifications to their Covid-19 traffic lights,

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The federal government together with the state governments evaluate making modifications to the text that outlines the responsibilities of the Covid-19 Risk Light to specify more clearly “the conditions in which the federal could differ from the state”, assured Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion.

The federal official noted that local governments have expressed concerns about technical guidelines for the traffic light, as well as the possibility of adapting its provisions to the economic and social reality of their states.

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This general element is not the same for a state that has 70% that has its economic generation from tourism., than for a state that has its economy in mining, or a more diversified economy. And the complexity of translating that generality into specific details, concrete administrative provisions, nobody better than the states, state governments to gauge it, to identify the specific application, “said during the daily report of coronavirus.

He added that it is not in anyone’s interest to be perceived the traffic light as an instrument that is subject to “political swings”.

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El Semáforo evaluates the risk of Covid-19 infections in each of the entities through four main elements: percentage of intensive care bed occupancy, percentage of positive coronavirus cases, trends in occupied beds and trends in positive cases.

He also pointed out that technical details will be carried out such as the time the information is cut from the states that are integrated into the traffic light, the information systems used, among others.

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Another proposal that has been put on the table of the National Conference of Governors (Conago) is that López-Gatell chairs the Public Health Commission of the National Health Council, “Of course with the approval of the President of the Council, Jorge Alcocer.

I see a practical technical output of relatively easy resolution, which consists of meeting with the Commission, identifying how the experience of risk monitoring through the Traffic Light can be more enriching, making the proposal to the plenary session of the National Health Council, in that plenary session are the 32 secretaries of departure from the states and the holders of the IMSS, ISSSTE, PEMEX and the health intuitions of the Armed Forces ”.

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