supporters cheer for the president on social media

supporters cheer for the president on social media

© Isaac Nobrega / PR

The result positive for the new coronavirus by Jair Bolsonaro is the most talked about subject of social networks in Brazil this Tuesday (7/7), and moved the supporters of the president. The term #forceBolsonaro appears in trending topics from Twitter since Monday night (6/7), when Bolsonaro’s contamination was still a suspect.

The president started feeling bad on Sunday (5/7), was taken to the Armed Forces Hospital (HFA) for exams on Monday (6/7) and had a positive diagnosis for the disease on Tuesday (7/7) .

“I received [o resultado] naturally, he doesn’t have to be frightened, it’s life, reality “, commented the president in a live during the announcement of the exam. Bolsonaro must dispatch by videoconference during the isolation period.

The president also said that the fever, which reached 38ºC, subsided in the morning and that he is feeling “perfectly fine”. “I’m fine, I’m normal. Compared to yesterday [segunda], I’m very well. I’m even in the mood to go for a walk, but I’m not going to do it on the recommendation of a doctor, but I’m very well, “he said.

He even removed the mask from his face, to show that he was fine, and thanked the prayers and wishes for improvement.

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