Susana Roccasalvo sued for threatening and harassing another driver of her channel

Susana Roccasalvo sued for threatening and harassing another driver of her channel

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Mauricio D’Alessandro attended this Tuesday Us in the morning and left everyone stunned by revealing that Susana Roccasalvo criminally sued the journalist Mess Pecoraro for threats and harassment.

The journalist’s lawyer revealed that every Saturday and Sunday, just the days when she hosts her program Relentless via zoom, received incessant calls to your phone from a hidden number, which prevented the correct transmission. After investigating where these communications came from, the justice verified that the owner of the line would be the journalist Lío Pecoraro.

“There is a court case that denounces threats and harassment. During the last three months, and due to the pandemic, Susana does her program from her home. Every time Implacables started, 19.01 started receiving calls, from an unknown number, that used the bandwidth and cut the transmission ”, D’Alessandro said.

And safe: “The driver is learning the cause at this time. Although there was already a notification and the summons was received at three addresses, there is still no record of the receipt of the telegrams. When he receives them, he is going to have to appear in court and say whether it was him or the phone was stolen. ”

“I was very surprised when I found out the name because I liked him. She is a very dear person in the middle who has many years of work. There was a problem between them once, but we thought it was solved because they live together in the corridors of the canal. ”, explained the lawyer.



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