Switzerland wanted to play in Geneva

Switzerland wanted to play in Geneva

Switzerland-Croatia and Switzerland-Spain could or should have taken place in Geneva, this will not be the case. The lawn in question.

Lichtsteiner’s Switzerland finally won against Ireland at La Praille on October 15, 2019, but on a muddy lawn unworthy of an international meeting.

The friendly match Switzerland-Croatia on October 7 could have, should have been played at the Stade de Genève. It was awarded a few days ago to the Kybunpark in St. Gallen. According to our information, the Geneva Stadium Foundation (FSG) threw in the towel, for fear of seeing its lawn in poor condition in the fall. The Switzerland-Spain of the League of Nations of November 14 was similarly possible in Geneva. He also said to himself that it could not take place at La Praille, still because of the lawn.

Two international matches of the national selection which pass under the nose of Geneva and the French-speaking Switzerland, that makes spot on the landscape. The reasons for the refusal of the Geneva Stadium Foundation for Switzerland-Croatia are rooted in the past, with the dreadful memory of Switzerland – Ireland of October 15, 2019.

The waterlogged lawn, attacked by a fungus and infested with organic matter, of which only 10% had been removed, was unworthy of a qualifying match for Euro 2020. Switzerland had fortunately won, but the image left by a turf that has become a quagmire still haunts FSG officials. It is this potential nightmare that has cooled them, according to what is said, leading them to refuse Switzerland-Croatia.

A sick lawn

Because if the Geneva lawn looks superb today – it is indeed – it remains at the mercy of the conditions. From the rain, the organic matter that is still there, the mushroom lurking ready to come out: a real museum of horrors awaits, despite the good will of the FSG.

For Switzerland-Spain of the League of Nations, scheduled for November, the fears were the same. ASF shares them, she asked her lawn quality manager, Pierre-Yves Bovigny, if he could guarantee a lawn in perfect condition for this match.

His response: “I couldn’t guarantee a perfect lawn,” he explains. The trauma of Switzerland and Ireland is still there and I think the same causes could have the same effects. ” One must even wonder whether the FSG itself, in the event of a sustained request from the ASF to contest Switzerland-Spain in Geneva, would have said yes, after having refused Switzerland-Croatia. One might think not.

Unhappy for the Stade de Genève and French-speaking Switzerland. There is much talk of a 100% synthetic field that could be laid next summer at La Praille A political will which would exclude the arrival of the Swiss team, while the sporting will is nevertheless very present at the ASF, in despite these two pitfalls.

“I couldn’t guarantee a perfect lawn. The same causes could have the same effects as for Switzerland-Ireland ”


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