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Tapie, Ajroudi’s new trump card?

Tapie, Ajroudi's new trump card?

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Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi nonetheless remains confident in his project.

Frank McCourt’s clear-cut position does not discourage Mohamed Ajroudi, still well and truly decided to buy Olympique de Marseille as he did not fail to make known. Mourad Boudjellal agreed in one of his many media interventions on Thursday, two days after the announcement of a legal summons against the former leader of the RCT and Mohamed Ajroudi. The plan to buy backOlympic Marseille is necessarily compromised. “It is more complicated for the owner to sell to someone to whom the president makes a procedure, it is not played badly, I admit it”, he thus recognized. And if that wasn’t enough, the McCourt clan handed it over through their lawyer. ” It seems necessary to me to inform you, in a formal and definitive manner, of my client’s response: the club is not for sale; Mr. McCourt does not wish to engage in discussions with your clients “, Said Olivier de Vilmorin in an email. Mohamed Ajroudi does not seem discouraged, however. Evidenced by the message sent by the clan of the Tunisian businessman during the night. ” Mr. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi wants to buy Olympique de Marseille », Indicated the company Greenberg, Hornblower, Deschenaux & Partners, LLP, which “Represents the interests of Mr. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi and his investors”.

Nobody knows the Club better than Mr. Bernard Tapie

“Our client, Mr. Ajroudi, wishes to acquire Olympique de Marseille, ideally at the same acquisition cost as that paid by Mr. McCourt, an amount to which are added all the expenses he incurred for the acquisitions of players, his subsequent contributions and above all, the amount necessary to finance the solution with the ICFC-UEFA concerning the abysmal annual losses of the last three years, which are around 202 million euros ”, details the press release, doubting the Bostonian’s resources: “Mr. McCourt may have the resources to cover the successive annual losses of the Club, but does he really want to make this huge sacrifice? These abysmal losses concern as much the players whose salaries have been reduced, as the supporters who still believe in their Club and all the suppliers who wonder how they will be paid for services already delivered. “ And Mohamed Ajroudi to release a new trump card by appealing to Bernard Tapie, the idol of the Velodrome, to whom he offers a place on the future management committee of the Olympian club. “Our client, Mr. Ajroudi considers that no one knows the Club better than Mr. Bernard Tapie, which is why he would like his presence on the Club committee, as far as he wishes and as the CFCB-UEFA does. allow “, they added, after also recalling Frank McCourt’s previous experience at the Dodgers: “Mr. Ajroudi has no other objective than to prevent history from repeating itself. When Mr. McCourt was head of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, his accounting management was called haphazard. ”

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