” Tax reform is in our hands ”, says Alcolumbre

'' Tax reform is in our hands '', says Alcolumbre

© Ed Alves/CB/D.A Press

Senate President Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP) received this Tuesday (7/21) the first of the federal government’s proposals for tax reform. The suggestion, delivered by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, is to combine PIS and Cofins in a single charge, which will be called Social Contribution on Operations with Goods and Services (CBS).

After the event, Alcolumbre told a press conference that the proposal presented by the federal government will be incorporated into the discussions of the Joint Tax Reform Commission. The objective is for the deputies and senators who are part of the collegiate to find a consensus between the Executive text and the two proposed amendments to the Constitution (PECs) on the subject that are already in progress in Congress: the 45, from the Chamber, and the 110, from the Senate. According to him, from now on, the reform is “in the hands of parliament”.

“Our purpose in constituting the special mixed commission was to honor this special legislation, but, above all, to seek an alternative to build a text that could represent the desire of the two houses that can now, with the participation of the government, which was what we always preached here, that it was essential to have a tax reform that represented the government’s and the National Congress’ wishes, ”said Alcolumbre.

“I am sure that this gesture, more than the symbolism, represents the historic yearning of Brazilian entrepreneurs and creates an environment conducive to development, the generation of wealth, employment and income for our country. From now on, it is in the hands of parliament the possibility of building the tax reform that we have been waiting for decades with the fundamental support of the Executive, ”he added.

According to the senator, the government and parliament are “hand in hand to build the way out of a decades-long problem that afflicts all Brazilians”. “We took another significant step in the direction of carrying out the dreamed Brazilian tax reform. Today, there is a tangle of laws, ordinances and resolutions that complicate the lives of investors and hinder the Brazilian environment. With it, we will have the opportunity, in fact, to build this new environment conducive to development ”, he stressed.


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