Teachers’ association criticizes the hygiene concept of culture ministers

Teachers' association criticizes the hygiene concept of culture ministers

Bonn / Deggendorf. The German Teachers’ Association criticizes the hygiene concept presented by the Kultusministerkonferenz. It is questionable whether the measures are to be implemented.

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Heinz-Peter Meidinger, President of the German Teachers’ Association.

“I am very skeptical whether the measures provided for in it are sufficient or can even be implemented,” said association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger in an interview on Friday a second wave will come when the distance rule in schools falls. “

Overall, starting the school after the summer holidays, regardless of the form in which it takes place, represents a major challenge for the federal states, the school authorities and municipalities as well as the federal government, according to the head teacher of the Robert Koch High School in Deggendorf, Bavaria. It is not just about improving the hygienic framework conditions in schools, but also about modernizing the digital equipment. His association is counting on “that the renovation and modernization backlog, also with regard to the digital equipment and the access to funds from the digital pact, be resolved as quickly as possible”, emphasized Meidinger.

The German Teachers’ Association claims to represent the interests of 160,000 teachers. The Catholic Educational Community KEG is one of the member associations.

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