Teachers’ association sees schools poorly prepared

Teachers' association sees schools poorly prepared

Experts warn that schools are not equipped to resume normal teaching. It is unclear how the hygiene plans should be implemented.

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Before the holidays – as here in Bavaria – face-to-face classes were only available for smaller groups.

Two weeks before the end of the school holidays in Berlin, there is growing concern that the number of infections will continue to rise and that success in the fight against the corona virus could be lost. At the same time, experts warned that schools are not for one Resumption of teaching under corona conditions Be prepared: “All previous concepts cannot distract from the fact that the schools are neither well prepared for normal operations nor for distance learning”, said the president of the teachers’ association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the “Bild am Sonntag”.

So far it is completely unclear how schools should implement the hygiene plans of the federal states. “The ventilation concepts fail simply because not all classrooms have windows that can be opened.” The association president also criticized that the plans for resuming classes hardly differentiated between younger and older students. The Federal Parents’ Council also criticized that the planned return to normal school operations was only due to the “lack of staff and space”.

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Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) did not give the schools a good report for the time of the closings due to the corona pandemic: “It was rather mediocre”, she told the “Bild am Sonntag”. “We need a new start in the school system,” said the minister.

The increasing number of infections in Berlin is explained, among other things, with the returnees from risk areas. Since the weekend, vacation returnees at several German airports have had their coronavirus infection tested free of charge, and this should also be possible in Berlin from this week.

In view of the increasing number of cases in Germany, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has a legal check as to whether mandatory tests for returnees from high-risk areas are possible.

Anyone who has vacationed in a risk area must quarantine two weeks in accordance with the provisions of the Infection Protection Act. It is unclear whether the vacationers adhere to it; this is not controlled. This also applies to schoolchildren who were on vacation with their families in a country classified as a risk area.

The authorities are also concerned about the carelessness of those who stayed at home: around 5000 people celebrated in the night of Sunday an illegal party in the Hasenheide in Berlin-Neukölln. Corona rules are also not always followed in the catering industry. Some bars and pubs in Berlin do not record their guests’ data at all or only inadequately, as visitors reported.

British holidaymakers in Spain must return to quarantine

The British government ordered a two-week quarantine requirement for returnees from Spain. The country records currently increasing numbers of infections, especially in Catalonia. In Germany, Spain has not yet been counted among the risk countries. Reports of parties in Mallorca where vacationers disregarded precautionary measures had increased fears of a possible spread in Germany.

A corona outbreak has also been reported in another popular German holiday destination. There were at least 44 cases in the Austrian town of St. Wolfgang. Many interns from tourism companies are among the infected. A holiday guest was also tested positive. The incident brings back memories of the Corona outbreak in the Ischgl ski resort, which has contributed to the spread of the virus in several countries.

In Manning, Bavaria, at least 174 harvest workers were infected with the corona virus. The Robert Koch Institute had one on Friday and Saturday significant increase in the number of infections registered in Germany.


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