Tenants’ association demands nationwide freeze on rents

Tenants' association demands nationwide freeze on rents

The German Tenants Association has called for a nationwide freeze on rents.

© Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa
The German Tenants Association is for a nationwide freeze on rents.

“We need a nationwide regulation, according to which rents can only be increased within the framework of the inflation rate in the next five to six years,” said the President of the German Tenants’ Association, Lukas Siebenkotten, of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. “Then the state laws would be unnecessary.”

After the Berlin rent cap, rents will be frozen from June 18, 2019 to 2022, tenants can demand that excessive rents be reduced. In Bavaria there is an initiative for a referendum, according to which rents may only rise by the rate of inflation for six years.

There are lawsuits against the Berlin rental cover before the Federal Constitutional Court and the Berlin Constitutional Court. Because of the legal uncertainties, Siebenkotten advocates a nationwide legal regulation. “It would be better if the federal government introduced such a freeze. Legally, that would be completely unproblematic. »


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