The Association of Cities urges balanced road traffic regulations

The Association of Cities urges balanced road traffic regulations

In the dispute over the amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), the German Association of Cities and Municipalities demands a balanced set of rules.

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Cars drive past a speed control flash unit. Due to a formal error in the road traffic regulation, the new rules have been put out of operation by the federal states for the time being.

One can certainly question whether “it is really proportionate if someone who has driven” points-free “for many years, commits such a violation once, should already be given a driving ban,” said Managing Director Gerd Landsberg of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). The municipalities expected “that the new regulation, which has now become necessary, will be used to take into account the experiences made so far and to find an effective and balanced regulation at the same time”.

In fact, the issue is that since the end of April one driver’s license could be withdrawn if you drive 21 km / h too fast in an urban area or 26 km / h too fast in an out-of-town location – this was introduced by the Federal Council into the StVO amendment. Previously, the limits were exceeded at 31 km / h in town and 41 km / h outside. Due to a formal error in the regulation, the new rules have now been put out of operation nationwide by the federal states.

“For example, it would be possible to increase the fines significantly, but continue to impose driving bans only when the speed is exceeded more clearly,” Landsberg told “NOZ”. “If this is a first-time violation, a driving ban on probation could also be considered.”

Landsberg said that the amendment was overridden due to a formal error. In Cologne, for example, the rules had increased the number of driving bans pronounced tenfold in the first four weeks. “Therefore, when discussing the new regulation that is due, it should also be discussed whether this corresponds to the principle of proportionality.”

According to information from the German Press Agency, representatives of the federal and state governments want to discuss the current situation at department head level on Monday.

Meanwhile, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) does not want to know anything about chaos and uncertainty. “The promises of the violations from May and June according to the new catalog of fines are – so promised – suspended by the federal states. And now the old catalog of fines applies and is being applied, just like in previous years, »he said to the« Passauer Neue Presse ». So there is no lawless situation. He also negotiates with the countries.

A ministry spokesman said in Berlin on Friday that, in coordination with the responsible departments of the federal states, a package for rapid clarification is being worked on under high pressure. On the one hand, it is about correcting the formal error in the StVO amendment. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to correct a “disproportionality” in the catalog of fines.

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