The chimney of the bath burned in Sancaktepe …

The chimney of the bath burned in Sancaktepe ...

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The chimney of the bath burned in Sancaktepe.

The chimney of the bath burned in Sancaktepe... Neighborhood was poured on the street

The chimney of the bath, located on the roof of a 3-storey bath at night in Sancaktepe, ISTANBUL, burned for an unknown reason. Due to the fire in the chimney, while the apartment was covered with heavy smoke, it was poured into the neighborhood street. Firefighters reached the fire by a ladder. The fire that brought the hearts to the mouth occurred on the roof of a three-storey apartment building on Refah Avenue, Eyüpsultan Mahallesi. The chimney of a bath, which has been serving under the building for many years, started to burn at 03.30 for an unknown reason. A large number of firefighters were dispatched to the scene after the citizens of the neighborhood noticed the fire in a short time. The teams, which evacuated the residents of the apartment in a short time so that they are not affected by the smoke, also managed to control the frightening fire on the roof. While there was no loss of life or injury in the fire, material damage occurred on the roof. While the police teams closed the entrance and exit of the street to civilian citizens, medical teams were kept ready for all kinds of situations. The main reason of the fire, which was found to be found in the chimney at night, is investigated. Abdülsamet Zengin, who resided in the building where the fire occurred, and who had not yet slept at that time, shouted from the outside and said, “I was like two, three.




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